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These chat Rules always apply anytime the chat is running, even when an admin or moderator is not present.

We encourage you to be responsible and to respect our community as well as others participating within the community. Your conduct should be guided by common sense, basic "netiquette", and these chat guidelines.

Ignorance of the rules does not make you immune from them.

1 Do not use any offensive, vulgar language, be polite and respectful of other members (chatters) of this community.

2 Spam links (other site's advertisements) are NOT allowed, report members who are trying to spam while chatting.

3 Do not discuss any subject that involves minors. Your conversations must stay adult oriented. No age-play is permitted anywhere on this site including this chat room. This includes, but is not limited to: familial names, parental and minor references, school activities, and religious situations when it can be interpreted to refer to age-play.

4 Usernames/Names which can be considered to be impersonating an admin are prohibited. Admin is defined as a Site Administrator, or Admin level user.

5 Racial, sexual, religious, ethnic or other slurs are PROHIBITED

6 Do not provoke or harrass admins and other chatters, this may be considered in violation of these rules.

Breaking these rules will result in your being kicked from the chat and perhaps even banned, but the administrator needs to explain the reason and point you to the broken rule as a warning. If you continue to break the mentioned rule or any other rules, the administrator has the right to kick or ban you at his/her discretion.
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