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This site has many features that I think will make this an entertaining and safe place to meet possible partners and new friends as well as hang out with old ones.  I suggest going over the FAQs when you first begin using this site to familiarize yourself with this system.  There's a lot of options here!


First of all, there's a small color palette button in the top menu bar which will allow you to choose between the two templates we have available at this time by clicking on your choice.  There's a "Hot Pink" template and a "Uni" template.  The Hot Pink one is our default and probably what you're seeing now.  If you don't like the colors you can switch over to the Uni template by selecting it.  It's a very basic template without a lot of colors.  It's up to you which one you use.


The People Search feature allows you to search and find people who have the same interests in this lifestyle as you do.  You can search by location, age, sex, spanking preferences, username, and many more.  There are three different levels of search preferences; Simple, Quick, and Advanced.  Choose the search that fits your needs the best.  You can also search the site by using the search option located in the top menu bar.


Your profile is also yours to make your own and what others will see when they view your profile.  You can customize the color and background so that when anyone clicks on your profile they will see it as you want it to appear.  Just remember to follow the rules of the site should you choose to include an image.  If you have problems loading an image it might be too large for the page so you'll either need to reduce it, change the type of file, choose another image, or go with a background color.


FYI, to view any member's profile just click on their avatar.  It's quick and easy and will get you to a page where you can view their information as well as find links for sending a message, mark them as a "Fave" which will add them to your "Hot List", "Friend" that person, send a Greeting (simple greeting in which you don't have to type in a message), IM with that person if they're online, subscribe/unsubscribe to their profile page updates, block them, or report the profile as containing spam.  You can view their public profile photos and friends on that same page.  There's also a section for profile comments.


You can build photo albums in which to load your photos and give you options for who is able to view those.  Please remember our rules when loading images.  The images must be yours and yours alone with no one else in them.  You cannot upload images that are copyrighted or commercial.  If you decide to upload an image of your privates, please, upload those images to your "Friends" only album.  Public photos appear in searches and on the front page so I'd really appreciate your cooperation.


Other features such as Walls and Blogs allow you to express yourself in words and the Forum gives you a place to discuss our favorite subjects with other members.  I'll be adding Groups as people gather here and we find out what people want.  The same goes for Events, too.


I'll be adding more features as time goes on and we get more people here.  I want to add more tools and some fun features that will make your time here even more enjoyable. As always, contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, or problems.


Thank you.  Good luck and have fun, everyone!!



SpankSeek Admin

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    how can you send messages???
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